A life perception vest is a grade 1 concealed combat apparel. Its sole function is to monitor the vital signs of the operator wearing it and mirror this information back to command base in real time. LPVs were first commissioned by the US government in 2001 to monitor personnel during covert black ops and undercover urban infiltration to determine if and when a rescue/extraction operation was imminent. Early models (see figure below) were bulky, power deficient and prone to failure. By 2009 a new breed of advanced LPVs were tipping the war on terror in favor of US operatives on the ground across the Middle East and Afghanistan. That is, until a truck carrying a shipment of LPVs was ambushed in Baghdad, delivering three-hundred LPV units to the black market. The CIA believes most of these likely ended up in the hands of terrorist cells. However, it wasn’t until 2011 that the first contraband LPV surfaced. In mid-town Manhattan. Get the whole scoop here.